In 2018 Deledda's art transitioned into product design

Noah invented a mechanism that was derived from his work with denting cans. This mechanism could control the shape of a cylinder as it deformed due to compression. Using reflexive materials, the mechanism the ability to change shape back and forth seamlessly. After a few years of research and developement, the company CRUSHMETRIC was formed to adapt this mechanism into consumer products.


    The CRUSHMETRIC SwitchPen was the first product launched by the company in 2022. The ballpoint pen changes shape when the switch is flipped down, and changes back when the switch is flipped up. "We wanted to make a fun product to introduce the company and the CRUSHMETRIC concept to the market." Noah explains.

    The SwitchPen Features:

    -Comfortable crushed grip

    -Sturdy, durable construction

    -Break resistant plastic

    -Gel ink cartridge (Black)

    -Size: 5.75in (145mm) x .75in (15mm)

    -Included: Padded storage case


    The CRUSHMETRIC AutoHedron Chair is the comany's second product release, launched in 2023.

    The AutoHedron Chair is sculptural, kinetic furniture that features hydraulically controlled transformation. It takes shape when pressure is applied (35lb / 16kg) and rebounds seamlessly once pressure is released.

    Dimensions: 14"D x 14"W x 20"H

    Weight Limit: 250lb (113kg)

    Materials: Machined wooden core, Engineered internal mechanism, Finished hardwood top, Vinyl exterior