"I make sculptures by scratching and denting aluminum cans using only my hands. This simple description seems like a ridiculous notion, intentionally. The result of this process is meant to eclipse the expectation one might have after hearing it. The explanation of my method is actually an integral part of the work. I make art that is about art itself. By creating a spectacle out of something that would otherwise be overlooked, I hope to shine a light on the importance of the creative process."

    Deledda began denting cans as a form of art in 2004 after a random observation, noticing the potential for creativity.

    "During a road trip, I finished my drink and partially crushed the empty can. Out of boredom I played with the deformation. I could tell that there was something interesting to discover so I continued experimenting."

"The trick was to cooperate with the cylinder"

Noah realized that the way forward was to cooperate with the dents. "You can't force the shapes to happen. You have to discover what the cylinder will allow and take it from there."

In 2010, Deledda began sanding and polishing the empty cans before denting them. "This was a turning point for me. The polished surface featured the shapes and patterns in a direct way, without printing, color or logos, the art really shined through. The act of scratching fit so well with the dent, both being considered flaws, yet used to create beauty. It was at that point I decided to focus completely on deveploping this as a form of art."

This was a big step for Noah, who considered himself mainly a painter at that time. Deledda's fascination with art began in his childhood. Before becoming a sculptor, he had studied drawing, painting, printmaking and graphic design.

  • Noah Deledda


    An American artist known for painting, sculpture, printmaking and design with an inclination to divergent approach. His most recent acclaim being sculptures that re-contextualize the ordinary, dented aluminum can with a method that embraces the incidental gestures of disposal.

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In 2018 Deledda's art transitioned into product design

Noah invented a mechanism that was derived from his work with denting cans. This mechanism could control the shape of a cylinder as it deformed due to compression. Using reflexive materials, the mechanism the ability to change shape back and forth seamlessly. After a few years of research and developement, the company CRUSHMETRIC was formed to adapt this mechanism into consumer products.